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Forgive the play on the Shakespearean words, but a lot of noise has been made regarding Gary Barlow’s tax avoidance scheme.

There seems to be a big question over morality regarding such avoidance schemes but is there are any real connection between tax and morality. The question surely is, what is Gary Barlow doing with the money that he has avoided paying in tax? The second question would be having paid tax does government use that money responsibly? These are all controversial questions. Interestingly, very few reports have shown that the case can be appealed and there is no guarantee that H M Revenue and Customs will win the appeal. On the other side of the coin, HMRC took a deliberate action against Glasgow Rangers to claim tax which in no small part could have contributed to the demise of the Limited Company which Glasgow Rangers operated under. Less widely reported is that the liquidators of Glasgow Rangers, acting on behalf of the creditors, won against HMRC in the Scottish Courts. In truth, tax planning and avoidance is something that everybody does whether via ISA’s, pensions, or more complicated arrangements. Is anybody therefore allowed to comment on the issue of tax and morality save for creating a political agenda?

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